Boost your marketing with AI gamification.

we simply help you sell more.

Marketing that your customers seek out, not run away from.

Wanna see a magic? our ai will create your first gamified marketing campaign in under 1 minute

what is it for?
Tell our AI about your desired campaign
  • examples-
  • "The campaign should target new customers and give them a 10% discount coupon if they leave their email"
  • "Give away a free donut with any purchase"
  • "Boost sales of our new product - `Yummi Lemon`, giveaway 35% off when buying on the website for more than $50"
  • "Celebrate our anniversary with us! Get a free limited edition tote bag for every purchase over $120.""
If your campaign involves a product (for example, if you're offering a discount on a specific product), please upload its image and description.

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What will I get?

AI-Crafted Gamified Marketing Solutions, designed especially for your needs and brand.

why would I use gamification in my marketing?

Because your customers just love it, and it's a great return on investment.

Better CTR

Boost CTR with our gamified marketing solutions, engaging audiences for higher ROI.

Better conversion rates

Elevate conversion rates with our gamified marketing solutions, engaging audiences for optimal results.

Better coupon redemption rates

Maximize coupon redemption rates with our gamified marketing solutions, captivating audiences and driving conversions for increased ROI.

Foster Customer Retention

Our gamified marketing solutions engage customers, encouraging repeat purchases and loyalty, ensuring sustained success for your brand


Our Pricing Plans

cancel at any time.

"see how your users react to gamified marketing" plan

$ 0/mo

  • 1 User
  • 1 Brand
  • up to 2,500 player sessions /mo
  • 3 active campaigns
  • Email support
  • gamified marketing logo

"Great for Small Agencies and Solo Marketers" Plan

$ 500/mo

  • 3 User
  • 10
  • 50,000/mo
  • API service
  • Chat support
  • White label

"We Will Need Your Big Guns" plan



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